69-1002. Sale at auction; containers; labels; statement required.

When commercial chicks are offered for sale or sold at public auction, each box, crate, coop, or other container, shall be labeled with the sworn statement of the owner offering such chicks for sale at public auction, designating the number of live chicks in each such container, the breed and variety, the date on which such chicks were hatched, and the name and location of the commercial hatchery where hatched, whether such chicks were sexed, or unsexed, and if sexed, such sworn statement shall designate whether contents are cockerel chicks or pullet chicks, and any other representation made at or prior to the time of the sale relative to the breed and variety, and such tests as shall have been made on the parent stock for pullorum disease.

Source:Laws 1967, c. 414, ยง 2, p. 1279.