68-982. Supplemental reimbursement; calculation and payment.

(1) An eligible provider's supplemental reimbursement pursuant to the Ground Emergency Medical Transport Act shall be calculated and paid as follows:

(a) The supplemental reimbursement shall equal the amount of federal financial participation received as a result of the claims submitted pursuant to the act; and

(b) In no instance may the amount certified pursuant to section 68-985, when combined with the amount received from all other sources of reimbursement from the medical assistance program, exceed one hundred percent of actual costs, as determined pursuant to the medicaid state plan, for ground emergency medical transport services.

(2) The supplemental reimbursement shall be distributed exclusively to eligible providers under a payment method based on ground emergency medical transport services provided to medicaid beneficiaries by eligible providers on a per-transport basis or other federally permissible basis.

Source:Laws 2017, LB578, ยง 7.