68-949. Medical assistance program; legislative intent; department; duties.

(1) It is the intent of the Legislature that the department implement reforms to the medical assistance program such as those contained in the Medicaid Reform Plan, including (a) an incremental expansion of home and community-based services for aged persons and persons with disabilities consistent with such plan, (b) an increase in care coordination or disease management initiatives to better manage medical assistance expenditures on behalf of high-cost recipients with multiple or chronic medical conditions, and (c) other reforms as deemed necessary and appropriate by the department, in consultation with the committee.

(2) The department shall develop recommendations based on a comprehensive analysis of various options available to the state under applicable federal law for the provision of medical assistance to persons with disabilities who are employed, including persons with a medically improved disability, to enhance and replace current eligibility provisions contained in subdivision (8) of section 68-915.

(3) The department shall develop recommendations for further modification or replacement of the defined benefit structure of the medical assistance program. Such recommendations shall be consistent with the public policy in section 68-905 and shall consider the needs and resources of low-income Nebraska residents who are eligible or may become eligible for medical assistance, the experience and outcomes of other states that have developed and implemented such changes, and other relevant factors as determined by the department.

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