68-945. Attorney General; powers and duties.

In carrying out the duties and responsibilities under the False Medicaid Claims Act, the Attorney General may:

(1) Enter upon the premises of any provider participating in the medical assistance program (a) to examine all accounts and records that are relevant in determining the existence of fraud in the medical assistance program, (b) to investigate alleged abuse or neglect of patients, or (c) to investigate alleged misappropriation of patients' private funds. The accounts or records of a nonmedicaid patient may not be reviewed by, or turned over to, the Attorney General without the patient's written consent or a court order;

(2) Subpoena witnesses or materials, including medical records relating to recipients, within or outside the state and, through any duly designated employee, administer oaths and affirmations and collect evidence for possible use in either civil or criminal judicial proceedings;

(3) Request and receive the assistance of any prosecutor or law enforcement agency in the investigation and prosecution of any violation of this section; and

(4) Refer to the department for collection each instance of overpayment to a provider under the medical assistance program which is discovered during the course of an investigation.

Source:Laws 2004, LB 1084, § 12; R.S.Supp.,2004, § 68-1084; Laws 2006, LB 1248, § 45.