68-904. Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds that (1) many low-income Nebraska residents have health care and related needs and are unable, without assistance, to meet such needs, (2) publicly funded medical assistance provides essential coverage for necessary health care and related services for eligible low-income Nebraska children, pregnant women and families, aged persons, and persons with disabilities, (3) publicly funded medical assistance alone cannot meet all of the health care and related needs of all low-income Nebraska residents, (4) the State of Nebraska cannot sustain a rate of growth in medical assistance expenditures that exceeds the rate of growth of General Fund revenue, (5) policies must be established for the medical assistance program that will effectively address the health care and related needs of eligible recipients and effectively moderate the growth of medical assistance expenditures, and (6) publicly funded medical assistance must be integrated with other public and private health care and related initiatives providing access to health care and related services for Nebraska residents.

Source:Laws 2006, LB 1248, ยง 4.