68-1803. Tax; rate; collection; report.

(1) Each intermediate care facility for persons with developmental disabilities shall pay a tax equal to a percentage of its net revenue for the most recent State of Nebraska fiscal year. The percentage shall be (a) six percent prior to January 1, 2008, (b) five and one-half percent beginning January 1, 2008, through September 30, 2011, and (c) six percent beginning October 1, 2011.

(2) Taxes collected under this section shall be remitted to the State Treasurer for credit to the ICF/DD Reimbursement Protection Fund.

(3) Taxes collected pursuant to this section shall be reported on a separate line on the cost report of the intermediate care facility for persons with developmental disabilities, regardless of how such costs are reported on any other cost report or income statement. The department shall recognize such tax as an allowable cost within the state plan for reimbursement of intermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities which participate in the medical assistance program. The tax shall be a direct pass-through and shall not be subject to cost limitations.

Source:Laws 2004, LB 841, § 4; Laws 2006, LB 1248, § 73; Laws 2007, LB292, § 2; Laws 2013, LB23, § 18.