68-1733. Planning process; state agencies; duty to establish.

The state agencies enumerated in section 68-1732 shall establish a planning process to:

(1) Assist communities in joining together to assess their resources and strengths;

(2) Assess what services are needed in participating communities and coordinate how such services should be developed and provided;

(3) Identify and support a plan for location of related human services and agencies together;

(4) Identify human services that already exist and decide how to coordinate such services most efficiently;

(5) Link existing planning processes;

(6) Promote decategorization of selected federal and state programs to bring about greater cohesiveness and flexibility when locating services together; and

(7) Cooperate and coordinate with building owners and other business owners in the community to assess the most efficient way to locate or relocate agencies.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 1224, ยง 33.