68-1718. Financial assistance; comprehensive assets assessment required; contents; periodic assessments.

(1) At the time an individual or a family applies for financial assistance pursuant to section 43-512, an assessment shall be conducted. Eligibility determination shall begin with a comprehensive assets assessment, in which the applicant and case manager collaborate to identify the economic and personal resources available to the applicant. Each applicant shall work with only one case manager who shall facilitate all service provision.

(2) Each applicant's personal resources shall be assessed in the comprehensive assets assessment. For purposes of this section, personal resources shall include education, vocational skills, employment history, health, life skills, personal strengths, and support from family and the community. This assessment shall also include a determination of the applicant's goals, employment background, educational background, housing needs, child care and transportation needs, health care needs, and other barriers to economic self-sufficiency.

(3) The comprehensive assets assessment shall structure personal resources information and control subjectivity. The assessment shall be used:

(a) To develop a self-sufficiency contract under section 68-1719 and promote services which specifically lead to self-sufficiency; and

(b) To determine if the applicant should be referred to other community resources for assistance.

(4) Periodic assessments, including an exit assessment prior to implementation of the time limit on cash assistance as provided in section 68-1724, shall be conducted with recipients to establish if the terms of the self-sufficiency contract have been met by the recipient family and by the state.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 1224, § 18; Laws 1997, LB 864, § 14; Laws 2007, LB351, § 7.