68-1504. Department of Health and Human Services; provide support; expenses; compensation.

The department may provide support to families providing for a disabled member in the home and to disabled persons in independent living situations. Such support may be made available to compensate for present and future expenses, including, but not limited to:

(1) The purchase or lease of special equipment or architectural modifications of a home made to improve or facilitate the care, treatment, therapy, general living conditions, or access of the disabled person;

(2) Medical, surgical, therapeutic, diagnostic, and other health services related to the disability or disabilities of the disabled person;

(3) Counseling or training programs which assist the family in providing proper care for the disabled family member or assist the disabled person in an independent living situation and which provide for the special needs of the family or disabled person;

(4) Attendant care, respite care, home health aid services, homemaker services, and chore services which provide assistance with training, routine body functions, dressing, preparation, consumption of food, and ambulation as well as providing respite assistance to the family;

(5) Transportation services for the disabled person; and

(6) Transportation, room, and board costs incurred by the family or disabled person during evaluations or treatment of the disabled family member which receive prior approval from the department.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 389, ยง 4.