68-1405. Department of Health and Human Services; medical care program; uniform standards of financial eligibility and payment; establish.

The Department of Health and Human Services shall establish uniform standards of financial eligibility for the treatment services under the program established under the Genetically Handicapped Persons Act, including a uniform formula for the payment of services by physicians and health care providers rendered under such program and such formula for payment shall provide for reimbursement at rates similar to those set by other federal and state programs, and private entitlements. The standards of the department for financial eligibility shall be the same as those established for Medically Handicapped Children's Services, as administered by the department. All county or district health departments shall use the uniform standards for financial eligibility and uniform formula for payment established by the department. All payments shall be used in support of the program for services established under the act.

The department shall establish payment schedules for services.

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