68-133. County; adopt standards; requirements.

Each county shall, not later than July 1, 1984, adopt written standards of eligibility and assistance for general assistance to poor persons. Such standards shall:

(1) Provide that all individuals desiring to make application for general assistance shall have opportunity to do so and that general assistance shall be furnished to all eligible individuals:

(a) Within seven days after the submission of the application if the need is short-term; and

(b) Within thirty days after the submission of the application if the need is continuous;

(2) Provide a schedule of goods and services necessary for the maintenance of minimum decency and health for families of various sizes, including single persons. Such schedule shall include, but not be limited to, food, housing, utilities, clothing, medical expenses, burial expenses, laundry, transportation, housing supplies, personal care, and such other goods and services as the county board shall deem necessary to insure the maintenance of minimum health and decency;

(3) Provide a schedule setting forth the amount of money needed to obtain those goods and services referred to in subdivision (2) of this section;

(4) Provide a schedule setting forth the amount of money to be paid to families and individuals who are in need of those goods and services when:

(a) That need is continuous; and

(b) That need is short-term;

(5) Provide a schedule of the income and assets which shall be considered as being available to a family or individual and which shall guarantee that only such income and assets as are in the immediate possession and control of the family or person shall be considered as available;

(6) Include a definition of poor persons which will insure that all families and individuals whose available income and assets, as set forth pursuant to subdivision (5) of this section, are less than those determined to be necessary pursuant to subdivisions (2) and (3) of this section will be eligible to receive general assistance; and

(7) Designate whether the county board or a class of employees in the county shall hold and conduct the hearings of aggrieved persons as required by sections 68-139 to 68-141.

Source:Laws 1983, LB 604, ยง 3.