68-1202. Social services; services included.

Social services may be provided on behalf of recipients with payments for such social services made directly to vendors. Social services shall include those mandatory and optional services to former, present, or potential social services recipients provided for under the federal Social Security Act, as amended, and described by the State of Nebraska in the approved State Plan for Services. Such services may include, but shall not be limited to, foster care for children, child care, family planning, treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction, treatment for persons with an intellectual disability, health-related services, protective services for children, homemaker services, employment services, foster care for adults, protective services for adults, transportation services, home management and other functional education services, housing improvement services, legal services, adult day services, home delivered or congregate meals, educational services, and secondary prevention services, including, but not limited to, home visitation, child screening and early intervention, and parenting education programs.

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