68-1116. Aging and disability resource centers; services.

(1) The aging and disability resource centers shall be a means of promoting appropriate, effective, and efficient use of long-term care resources.

(2) Each aging and disability resource center shall provide one or more of the following services:

(a) Comprehensive information on the full range of available public and private long-term care programs, options, financing, service providers, and resources within a community, including information on the availability of integrated long-term care;

(b) Options counseling;

(c) Assistance in accessing and applying for public benefits programs;

(d) A convenient point of entry to the range of publicly supported long-term care programs for an eligible individual;

(e) A process for identifying unmet service needs in communities and developing recommendations to respond to those unmet needs;

(f) Facilitation of person-centered transition support to assure that an eligible individual is able to find the services and support that are most appropriate to his or her need;

(g) Mobility management to promote the appropriate use of public transportation services by a person who does not own or is unable to operate an automobile; and

(h) A home care provider registry that will provide a person who needs home care with the names of home care providers and information about his or her rights and responsibilities as a home care consumer.

Source:Laws 2015, LB320, § 6; Laws 2018, LB793, § 5.