68-1104. Committee; duties.

The Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care Advisory Committee on Aging shall advise the Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care of the Department of Health and Human Services regarding:

(1) The collection of facts and statistics and special studies of conditions and problems pertaining to the employment, health, financial status, recreation, social adjustment, or other conditions and problems pertaining to the general welfare of the aging of the state;

(2) Recommendations to state and local agencies serving the aging for purposes of coordinating such agencies' activities, and reports from the various state agencies and institutions on matters within the jurisdiction of the committee;

(3) The latest developments of research, studies, and programs being conducted throughout the nation on the problems and needs of the aging;

(4) The mutual exchange of ideas and information on the aging between federal, state, and local governmental agencies, private organizations, and individuals; and

(5) Cooperation with agencies, federal, state, and local or private organizations, in administering and supervising demonstration programs of services for aging designed to foster continued participation of older people in family and community life and to prevent insofar as possible the onset of dependency and the need for long-term institutional care.

The committee shall have the power to create special committees to undertake such special studies as members of the committee shall authorize and may include noncommittee members who are qualified in any field of activity related to the general welfare of the aging in the membership of such committees.

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