68-1016. Assistance; appeals; procedure.

The chief executive officer of the Department of Health and Human Services, or his or her designated representative, shall provide for granting an opportunity for a fair hearing to any individual whose claim for assistance to the aged, blind, or disabled, aid to dependent children, emergency assistance, medical assistance, commodities, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits is denied, is not granted in full, or is not acted upon with reasonable promptness. An appeal shall be taken by filing with the department a written notice of appeal setting forth the facts on which the appeal is based. The department shall thereupon, in writing, notify the appellant of the time and place for hearing which shall be not less than one week nor more than six weeks from the date of such notice. Hearings shall be before the duly authorized agent of the department. On the basis of evidence adduced, the duly authorized agent shall enter a final order on such appeal, which order shall be transmitted to the appellant.

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