68-1002. Persons eligible for assistance.

In order to qualify for assistance to the aged, blind, or disabled, an individual:

(1) Must be a bona fide resident of the State of Nebraska, except that a resident of another state who enters the State of Nebraska solely for the purpose of receiving care in a home licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services shall not be deemed to be a bona fide resident of Nebraska while such care is being provided;

(2) Shall not be receiving care or services as an inmate of a public institution, except as a patient in a medical institution, and if the individual is a patient in an institution for tuberculosis or mental diseases, he or she has attained the age of sixty-five years;

(3) Shall not have deprived himself or herself directly or indirectly of any property whatsoever for the purpose of qualifying for assistance to the aged, blind, or disabled;

(4) May receive care in a public or private institution only if such institution is subject to a state authority or authorities which shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining standards for such institutions; and

(5) Must be in need of shelter, maintenance, or medical care.

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