Nebraska Revised Statute 66-6,106

Chapter 66


Retailer's license; application; issuance; security requirements.

(1) Before engaging in business as a retailer, a person shall obtain a license to transact such business in the State of Nebraska. An application for a retailer's license shall be made to the department on a form prepared and furnished by the department. The application shall contain such information as the department deems necessary. If the applicant is an individual, the application shall include the applicant's social security number.

(2) After reviewing an application received in proper form, the department may issue to the applicant a retailer's license. The department may refuse to issue such license to any person according to the provisions of section 66-729. Each retailer's license shall be valid until suspended or revoked for cause or otherwise canceled and shall not be transferable.

(3) The department, for the first year of a new license or whenever it deems it necessary to insure compliance with the Compressed Fuel Tax Act, may require any retailer subject to the act to place with the department such security as it determines. The amount and duration of the security shall be fixed by the department and shall be approximately two times the estimated average quarterly tax liability payable by such retailer pursuant to the act, unless such retailer is required to file monthly tax returns pursuant to section 66-6,110, in which case the amount of the security shall be approximately three times the estimated monthly tax liability payable by the retailer. The security shall consist of a surety bond executed by a surety company duly licensed and authorized to do business within this state in the amount specified by the department. The security shall run to the department and be conditioned upon the payment of all taxes, interest, penalties, and costs for which such retailer is liable, whether such liability was incurred prior to or after the security is filed.