64-413. Expiration of registration; resignation, cancellation, or revocation; death of online notary public; required actions.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, when the registration of an online notary public expires or is resigned, canceled, or revoked or when an online notary public dies, he or she or his or her duly authorized representative shall erase, delete, or destroy the coding, disk, certificate, card, software, file, password, or program that enables the electronic affixation of the online notary public's official electronic signature and online notary seal. The online notary public or his or her duly authorized representative shall certify compliance with this subsection to the Secretary of State.

(2) A former online notary public whose previous registration was not revoked, canceled, or denied by the Secretary of State need not comply with subsection (1) of this section if he or she is reregistered as an online notary public using the same electronic signature within three months after the former registration expired.

Source:Laws 2019, LB186, ยง 13.