63-106. Digital voice newspaper delivery system; Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired; duties; limit on charges.

(1) The Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired shall establish standards and procedures for a statewide digital voice newspaper delivery system and shall oversee its operation. The commission shall:

(a) Enter into contracts for the operation of such system;

(b) Provide space for the location of distribution devices and other equipment necessary to operate the system;

(c) Provide for daily monitoring to assure prompt and accurate functioning;

(d) Advertise the system and recruit blind and other print-reading-impaired persons for user certification;

(e) Develop and implement procedures for user certification;

(f) Serve as a coordinator between the system operator and the certified users; and

(g) Adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to carry out this section and section 63-105.

(2) Any certified user of the system shall not be charged for access to the system other than instate and out-of-state long-distance charges incurred while accessing the system.

Source:Laws 2000, LB 352, ยง 21.