61-303. Department of Natural Resources; powers and duties.

The Department of Natural Resources shall have the necessary authority to develop, construct, manage, and operate the Perkins County Canal Project consistent with the terms of the South Platte River Compact and pursuant to the Perkins County Canal Project Act. The department's powers under the act shall include: (a) Contracting for services, (b) acquiring permits, (c) acquiring and owning real property, (d) acquiring, holding, and exercising water rights, (e) employing personnel, (f) accepting grants, loans, donations, gifts, bequests, or other contributions from any person or entity, public or private, including any funds made available by any department or agency of the United States, (g) managing and expending such funds as are made available to it from the Perkins County Canal Project Fund, and (h) any other necessary functions consistent with the compact and pursuant to the act in protecting Nebraska's full entitlement to flows of the South Platte River. For purposes of the Perkins County Canal Project Act, the Department of Natural Resources is authorized to acquire real estate or access thereto in the name of the State of Nebraska by the use of eminent domain as provided under section 76-725. The department is also authorized to resolve all disputes that may arise, including the initiation or defense of legal actions of any kind, as necessary to achieve the purposes of the act.

Source:Laws 2022, LB1015, ยง 3.
Effective Date: July 21, 2022