61-207. Department of Natural Resources; decisions; appeal; time; procedure.

If any county, party, or parties interested in irrigation or water power work affected thereby are dissatisfied with the decision or with any order adopted, such dissatisfied county, party, or parties may appeal to the Court of Appeals to reverse, vacate, or modify the order complained of. The procedure to obtain such reversal, modification, or vacation of any such decision or order upon which a hearing has been had before the Department of Natural Resources shall be governed by the same provisions in force with reference to appeals and error proceedings from the district court. The evidence presented before the department as reported by its official stenographer and reduced to writing, together with a transcript of the record and pleadings upon which the decision is based, duly certified in such case under the seal of the department, shall constitute the complete record and the evidence upon which the case shall be presented to the appellate court. The time for perfecting such appeal shall be limited to thirty days after the rendition of such decision or order, and the appellate court shall advance such appeal to the head of its docket.

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