60-6,378.01. Duties of drivers approaching stopped vehicle or towing, maintenance, solid waste collection, or other vehicles.

A driver in a vehicle on any roadway other than a controlled-access highway who is approaching (1) a stopped authorized emergency vehicle using flashing or rotating lights as provided in section 60-6,231 or (2) a vehicle operated by a towing or vehicle recovery service, a Nebraska State Patrol motorist assistance vehicle, a publicly or privately owned utility maintenance vehicle, a highway maintenance vehicle, or a vehicle operated by a solid waste or recycling collection service, which is stopped and displaying strobe or flashing red, yellow, or amber lights, shall, unless otherwise directed by a law enforcement officer, proceed with due care and caution and:

(a) Reduce speed to a reasonable speed below the posted speed limit, move into another lane that is at least one moving lane apart from the stopped vehicle if possible under existing traffic and safety conditions, and be prepared to stop; or

(b) If such a lane change is impossible, unsafe, or prohibited by law, reduce speed to a reasonable speed below the posted speed limit and be prepared to stop.

Source:Laws 2018, LB909, ยง 98.