60-6,368. Director of Environment and Energy; powers; rules and regulations; control of noise or emissions.

(1) The Director of Environment and Energy shall have the power, after public hearings on due notice, to adopt and promulgate, consistent with and in furtherance of the provisions of sections 60-6,363 to 60-6,374, rules and regulations in accordance with which he or she will carry out his or her responsibilities and obligations under such sections.

(2) Any rules or regulations promulgated by the director shall be consistent with the provisions of the federal standards, if any, relating to control of emissions from the diesel-powered motor vehicles affected by such rules and regulations. The director shall not require, as a condition for the sale of any diesel-powered motor vehicle covered by sections 60-6,363 to 60-6,374, the inspection, certification, or other approval of any feature or equipment designed for the control of noise or emissions from such diesel-powered motor vehicles if such feature or equipment has been certified, approved, or otherwise authorized pursuant to laws or regulations of any federal governmental body as sufficient to make lawful the sale of any diesel-powered motor vehicle covered by such sections.

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