60-6,367. Enforcement of sections; citations; use of smokemeter; results; admissible as evidence.

(1) Officials of the Department of Environment and Energy and local enforcement officials shall have the authority to issue citations to suspected violators of sections 60-6,363 to 60-6,374 on the basis of their visual evaluation of the smoke emitted from a diesel-powered motor vehicle. A citation shall give the suspected violator a reasonable time to furnish evidence to the department that such alleged violation has been corrected or else such suspected violator shall be subject to the penalties set out in section 60-6,373. A suspected violator may demand that the suspected vehicle be tested by an approved smokemeter prior to a trial on the alleged violation.

(2) Smokemeter tests shall be conducted (a) by or under the supervision of a person or testing facility authorized by the Director of Environment and Energy to conduct such tests and (b) by installing an approved smokemeter on the exhaust pipe and operating the suspected vehicle at engine revolutions per minute equivalent to the engine revolutions per minute at the time of the alleged violation.

(3) The results of smokemeter tests run in accordance with this section and after the alleged violation shall be admissible as evidence in legal proceedings.

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