60-6,314. Nebraska Rules of the Road; applicability to persons operating bicycles.

(1) Any person who operates a bicycle upon a highway shall have all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle under the Nebraska Rules of the Road except for special bicycle regulations in the rules, except for those provisions of the rules which by their nature can have no application, and except as provided in section 60-6,142.

(2) Regulations applicable to bicycles shall apply whenever a bicycle is operated upon any highway or upon any path set aside by the Department of Transportation or a local authority for the exclusive use of bicycles.

Source:Laws 1973, LB 45, § 86; R.S.1943, (1988), § 39-686; Laws 1993, LB 370, § 410; Laws 1993, LB 575, § 19; Laws 2017, LB339, § 228.

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