60-6,305. Livestock forage vehicle; restrictions; permit; fee.

(1) For purposes of this section, livestock forage vehicle shall mean a vehicle with chassis which has a special implement bolted, mounted, or attached thereto for loading, unloading, and moving livestock forage.

(2) All livestock forage vehicles shall:

(a) Not exceed a length of sixty-five feet, extreme overall dimensions inclusive of bumpers and load;

(b) Not exceed a width of eighteen feet;

(c) Not exceed a height of eighteen feet, either for equipment alone or for equipment and load combined. Such vehicles shall comply with subsection (2) of section 60-6,289; and

(d) Only be operated during hours of daylight.

(3) No person shall operate a livestock forage vehicle which carries unbaled livestock forage at a speed in excess of the following limits:

(a) Twenty-five miles per hour in any residential district;

(b) Twenty miles per hour in any business district; and

(c) Fifty miles per hour while upon any highway other than a freeway outside a business or residential district.

The speed limits provided in this section may be altered as provided in section 60-6,190.

(4) The load of baled livestock forage shall be securely fastened to the vehicle at all times while it is on a highway. Any person who transports unbaled or baled livestock forage shall be responsible for all damages occurring to other persons or property as a result of his or her negligence during the transportation of the livestock forage and shall also be responsible for cleaning a highway of unbaled or baled livestock forage which falls or is dropped from the load onto a highway during the moving of the livestock forage.

(5) Any person who uses equipment which exceeds the length, width, and height provisions set forth in subsection (2) of this section shall first obtain a permit from the county sheriff of the county in which he or she resides. The permit shall be valid to carry loads twenty feet wide in such county and in adjacent counties. Such permit shall be furnished to the sheriff's office by the Department of Motor Vehicles and shall be valid for one calendar year. The fee for such permit shall be ten dollars. Any person securing such a permit shall keep a record of all activity covered by such permit, which record shall be available to the issuing sheriff, his or her deputies and agents, or members of the Nebraska State Patrol at all times. The record shall include dates, items moved, route, and other pertinent information.

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