60-6,299. Permit to move building; limitations; application; Department of Transportation; rules and regulations; violation; penalty.

(1) The Department of Transportation may issue permits for vehicles moving a building or objects requiring specialized moving dollies. Such permits shall allow the vehicles transporting buildings or objects requiring specialized dollies to operate on highways under the jurisdiction of the department, excluding any portion of the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways. Such permit shall specify the maximum allowable width, length, height, and weight of the building to be transported, the route to be used, and the hours during which such building or object may be transported. Such permit shall clearly state that the applicant is not authorized to manipulate overhead high voltage lines or conductors or other such components, including electric utility poles, and that the applicant shall be guilty of a Class II misdemeanor for any violation of this section or of the notification requirements of section 60-6,288.01. Any vehicle moving a building or object requiring specialized moving dollies shall be escorted by another vehicle or vehicles in the manner determined by the department. Such vehicles shall travel at a speed which is not in excess of five miles per hour when carrying loads which are in excess of the maximum gross weight specified by law by more than twenty-five percent. The permit shall not be issued for travel on a state highway containing a bridge or structure which is structurally inadequate to carry such building or object as determined by the department. The department may prescribe conditions of operation of such vehicle when necessary to assure against damage to the road foundations, surfaces, or structures and require such security as may be deemed necessary to compensate for any injury to any roadway or road structure.

(2) The application for any such permit shall (a) specifically describe the vehicle, (b) specifically describe the load to be moved, (c) include a signed affirmation under oath that, for any load sixteen feet high or higher, the applicant has contacted any and all electric utilities that have high voltage conductors and infrastructure that cross over the roadway affected by the move and made arrangements with such electric utilities for the safe movement of the load under any high voltage conductors owned by such electric utilities, and (d) whenever possible, describe the particular highways for which the permit is requested. The company or individual shall maintain a copy of the permit in each vehicle moving a building or object requiring specialized moving dollies which shall be open to inspection by any peace officer, carrier enforcement officer, or authorized agent of any authority granting such permit. The fee for such permit shall be ten dollars.

(3) The department shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations governing the issuance of the permits. Such rules and regulations shall include, but not be limited to, driver qualifications, equipment selection, hours of operation, weather conditions, road conditions, determination of any damage caused to highways or bridges, cutting or trimming of trees, removal or relocation of signs or other property of the state, raising or lowering of electric supply and communication lines, and such other safety considerations as the department deems necessary.

(4) Any person who violates the terms of a permit issued pursuant to this section or otherwise violates this section shall be guilty of a Class II misdemeanor.

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