60-6,294.01. Agricultural floater-spreader implements; weight limit; exception; speed limit.

(1) The Legislature finds that highway and roadway travel by agricultural floater-spreader implements is incidental to their designed purpose and use and that their use is essential to the agricultural industry of the State of Nebraska.

(2) Agricultural floater-spreader implement means self-propelled equipment which is designed and used exclusively to carry and apply fertilizer, chemicals, or related products to agricultural soil and crops and which has a gross laden weight of forty-eight thousand pounds or less and is equipped with floatation tires.

(3) Subsections (2) and (3) of section 60-6,294 shall not apply to agricultural floater-spreader implements. This exemption does not include travel upon the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways.

(4) When operated upon any highway, an agricultural floater-spreader implement shall not be operated at a speed in excess of forty miles per hour.

Source:Laws 1996, LB 1104, § 5; Laws 2003, LB 103, § 1.