60-6,217. Reckless driving or willful reckless driving; second offense; penalty.

Upon a second conviction of any person for either reckless driving or willful reckless driving, the person shall be guilty of a Class II misdemeanor, and the court shall order the person so convicted, as part of the judgment of conviction, not to drive a motor vehicle for any purpose for a period of not less than sixty days nor more than two years from the date ordered by the court and shall order that the operator's license of such person be revoked for a like period. The revocation shall be administered upon sentencing, upon final judgment of any appeal or review, or upon the date that any probation is revoked.

If the motor vehicle which such person was operating in such reckless or willful reckless manner is registered in the name of such person, the motor vehicle shall be impounded in a reputable garage by the court for a period of not less than two months nor more than one year at the expense and risk of the owner thereof, except that any motor vehicle so impounded shall be released to the holder of a bona fide lien thereon, executed prior to such impounding, when possession of such motor vehicle is requested in writing by such lienholder for the purpose of foreclosing and satisfying the lien.

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