Nebraska Revised Statute 60-6,124

Chapter 60


Pedestrian-control signals.

Whenever pedestrian-control signals exhibiting the words WALK or DONT WALK or exhibiting the symbol of a walking person or an upraised hand are in place, such signals shall indicate as follows:

(1) Pedestrians facing a steady WALK indication or a symbol of a walking person may proceed across the roadway in the direction of such signal and shall be given the right-of-way by the drivers of all vehicles; and

(2) No pedestrian shall start to cross the roadway in the direction of a DONT WALK indication or a symbol of an upraised hand, but any pedestrian who has partially completed his or her crossing on the WALK or walking person indication shall immediately proceed to a sidewalk or safety island while the flashing DONT WALK or flashing upraised hand indication is showing.


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  • A pedestrian crossing at a regular crosswalk with the right-of-way has a right, until he has notice or knowledge to the contrary, to assume that others will respect his right-of-way. Even though a statute grants the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing a street in the crosswalk, it does not excuse contributory negligence on his part. Holly v. Mitchell, 213 Neb. 203, 328 N.W.2d 750 (1982).