60-6,103. Accident; driver or pedestrian sixteen years of age or older; person killed; submit to chemical test; results in writing to Director-State Engineer; public information.

Any surviving driver or pedestrian sixteen years of age or older who is involved in a motor vehicle accident in which a person is killed shall be requested, if he or she has not otherwise been directed by a peace officer to submit to a chemical test under section 60-6,197, to submit to a chemical test of blood, urine, or breath as the peace officer directs for the purpose of determining the amount of alcohol or drugs in his or her body fluid. The results of such test shall be reported in writing to the Director-State Engineer who shall tabulate such results on a monthly basis. Such information, including the identity of such driver or pedestrian and any such amount of alcohol or drugs, shall be public information and may be released or disclosed as provided by the Department of Transportation. The provisions of sections 60-6,199, 60-6,200, and 60-6,202 shall, when applicable, apply to the tests provided for in this section.

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