60-6,102. Accident; death; driver; pedestrian sixteen years of age or older; coroner; examine body; amount of alcohol or drugs; report to Department of Transportation; public information.

In the case of a driver who dies within four hours after being in a motor vehicle accident, including a motor vehicle accident in which one or more persons in addition to such driver is killed, and of a pedestrian sixteen years of age or older who dies within four hours after being struck by a motor vehicle, the coroner or other official performing the duties of coroner shall examine the body and cause such tests to be made as are necessary to determine the amount of alcohol or drugs in the body of such driver or pedestrian. Such information shall be included in each report submitted pursuant to sections 60-6,101 to 60-6,104 and shall be tabulated on a monthly basis by the Department of Transportation. Such information, including the identity of the deceased and any such amount of alcohol or drugs, shall be public information and may be released or disclosed as provided by the department.

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