60-555. Transfer of registration to defeat purpose of sections; prohibited.

If an owner's registration has been suspended hereunder, such registration shall not be transferred nor the motor vehicle in respect of which such registration was issued registered in any other name after the date of the accident until the department is satisfied that such transfer of registration is proposed in good faith and not for the purpose or with the effect of defeating the purposes of sections 60-501 to 60-569. Nothing in this section shall be held to apply to or affect the registration of any motor vehicle sold by a person who, pursuant to the terms or conditions of any written instrument giving a right of repossession, has exercised such right and has repossessed such motor vehicle from a person whose registration has been suspended under the provisions of sections 60-501 to 60-569.

Source:Laws 1949, c. 178, ยง 55, p. 501.