60-550.01. Cash deposits with State Treasurer; judgment creditor; payment.

Upon receipt by the department of a certified copy of a final judgment secured against a depositor, such judgment having been granted for damages arising out of the accident which caused the depositing of security under the Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act, the department shall, by voucher addressed to the Director of Administrative Services, cause the payment of the deposited security to the judgment creditor in accordance with the terms of the judgment and, if it appears there is no further liability to any persons arising out of such accident, the department shall, upon its voucher to the Director of Administrative Services, cause the balance remaining, if any, to be returned to the depositor or his or her personal representative.

Source:Laws 1953, c. 220, § 1, p. 774; Laws 1957, c. 366, § 46, p. 1279; Laws 2021, LB174, § 27.