60-503. Appeal; procedure.

(1) Any person aggrieved by an order or act of the department under the Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act may, within thirty days after notice thereof, file a petition in the district court of the county where the aggrieved person resides, but in the event the aggrieved person is a nonresident, then such petition shall be filed in the district court of Lancaster County for a review thereof. The filing of such petition shall suspend the order or act pending a final determination of the review. The license or registration of any person claiming to be aggrieved shall not be restored to such person in the event the final judgment of a court finds against such person until the full time of revocation as fixed by the department shall have elapsed. The court shall summarily hear the petition as a case in equity without a jury and may make any appropriate order or decree.

(2) The appeal procedures described in the Administrative Procedure Act shall not apply to this section.

Source:Laws 1949, c. 178, § 3, p. 484; Laws 1972, LB 1303, § 1; Laws 1988, LB 352, § 106; Laws 1989, LB 352, § 2.

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