60-489. Operator's license; duty to carry and exhibit; exception; officers; power to demand presentation.

Except for a farm permit issued under section 60-4,126, the operator's license shall at all times be carried by the licensee when operating a motor vehicle on the highways of this state and shall be presented by the licensee for examination, or he or she shall present proof of ownership of the same, upon demand by any officer, employee, or agent of the Nebraska State Patrol or police or peace officer recognized as such by the laws of this state. Such officer, employee, or agent shall, in every case of making demand on the motor vehicle operator to show an operator's license, first display proper evidence of his or her lawful authority to act as an officer of the law. Except as provided in section 29-215, no officer, except an officer, agent, or employee of the Nebraska State Patrol, the Superintendent of Law Enforcement and Public Safety, the county sheriff, or their authorized deputies or subordinates, shall exercise the authority to demand presentation of an operator's license outside the boundaries of any incorporated cities and villages. A farm permit issued under section 60-4,126 need not be carried on the person but shall be produced for examination within twenty-four hours after a lawful demand therefor has been made under this section.

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