60-4,184. Revocation of license; notice; failure to return license; procedure; penalty; appeal; effect.

Within ten days after the revocation provided for by section 60-4,183, the director shall notify in writing the person whose operator's license has been revoked that such license has been revoked. Such notice shall:

(1) Contain a list of the convictions for violations upon which the director relies as his or her authority for the revocation, with the dates of such violations upon which convictions were had and the dates of such convictions, the trial courts in which such judgments of conviction were rendered, and the points charged for each conviction;

(2) State the term of such revocation;

(3) Include a demand that the license be returned to the director immediately; and

(4) Be served by mailing it to such person by regular United States mail to the last-known residence of such person or, if such address is unknown, to the last-known business address of such person.

If any person fails to return his or her license to the director as demanded, the director shall immediately direct any peace officer or authorized representative of the director to secure possession of such license and return the license to the director. A refusal to surrender an operator's license on demand shall be unlawful, and any person failing to surrender his or her license as required by this section shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor.

Any person who feels aggrieved because of such revocation may appeal from such revocation in the manner set forth in section 60-4,105. Such appeal shall not suspend the order of revocation of such license unless a stay of such order is allowed by a judge of such court pending a final determination of the review. The license of any person claiming to be aggrieved shall not be restored to such person, in the event the final judgment of a court finds against such person, until the full time of revocation, as fixed by the Department of Motor Vehicles, has elapsed.

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