Nebraska Revised Statute 60-4,169

Chapter 60


Revocation; when.

Whenever it comes to the attention of the director that any person when operating a motor vehicle has, based upon the records of the director, been convicted of or administratively determined to have committed an offense for which disqualification is required pursuant to section 60-4,146.01, 60-4,168, or 60-4,168.01, the director shall summarily revoke (1) the commercial driver's license or CLP-commercial learner's permit and privilege of such person to operate a commercial motor vehicle in this state or (2) the privilege, if such person is a nonresident, of operating a commercial motor vehicle in this state. Any revocation ordered by the director pursuant to this section shall commence on the date of the signing of the order of revocation or the date of the release of such person from the jail or a Department of Correctional Services adult correctional facility, whichever is later, unless the order of the court requires the jail time and the revocation to run concurrently.