60-4,157. Driving skills examination; waiver based on third-party tester; licensure in another state; report of examination results.

(1) A commercial driver's license examiner may waive the driving skills examination when an applicant presents evidence, on a form to be prescribed by the director, that he or she has successfully passed a driving skills examination administered by a third-party tester.

(2) A third-party skills test examiner may administer a driving skills examination to an applicant who has taken training in this state but is to be licensed in another state. The driving skills examination results shall be reported by the third-party skills test examiner to the department. The department shall transmit electronically the driving skills examination results directly from this state to the licensing state in an efficient and secure manner to be determined by the director.

Source:Laws 1989, LB 285, § 107; Laws 2014, LB983, § 43; Laws 2021, LB113, § 30.