60-4,154. Issuance of license or permit; director notify Commercial Driver License Information System; department; post information.

(1) Prior to the issuance of any original or renewal commercial driver's license, the reissuance of any commercial driver's license with a change of any classification, endorsement, or restriction, or the issuance of a CLP-commercial learner's permit, the director shall notify the Commercial Driver License Information System of the issuance and shall provide the applicant's name, social security number, and any other required information to the operator of the system.

(2) The department shall post information from the medical examiner's certificate to the Commercial Driver License Information System in accordance with section 60-4,144.02 and 49 C.F.R. 383.73.

Source:Laws 1989, LB 285, § 104; Laws 2011, LB178, § 18; Laws 2014, LB983, § 42.