Nebraska Revised Statute 60-4,149

Chapter 60


Commercial driver's license; CLP-commercial learner's permit; department personnel; examination; office space; issuance; delivery; electronic submission.

(1) The director shall appoint as his or her agents one or more department personnel who shall examine all applicants for a commercial driver's license or a CLP-commercial learner's permit as provided in section 60-4,144. The same department personnel may be assigned to one or more counties by the director. In counties in which the county treasurer collects the fees and issues receipts, the county shall furnish office space for the administration of the license or permit examination. Department personnel shall conduct the examination of applicants and deliver to each successful applicant an issuance certificate or receipt. The certificate may be presented to the county treasurer within ninety days after issuance, and the county treasurer shall collect the fee and surcharge as provided in section 60-4,115 and issue a receipt which is valid for up to thirty days. If a commercial driver's license or CLP-commerical learner’s permit is being issued, the receipt shall also authorize driving privileges for such thirty-day period. If department personnel refuse to issue an issuance certificate or receipt, the department personnel shall state such cause in writing and deliver such written cause to the applicant.

(2)(a) The segments of the driving skills examination shall be administered and successfully completed in the following order: Pre-trip inspection, basic vehicle control skills, and on-road skills. If an applicant fails one segment of the driving skills examination:

(i) The applicant cannot continue to the next segment of the examination; and

(ii) Scores for the passed segments of the examination are only valid during initial issuance of a CLP-commercial learner's permit. If a CLP-commercial learner's permit is renewed, all three segments of the skills examination must be retaken.

(b) Passing scores for the knowledge and skills tests must meet the standards contained in 49 C.F.R. 383.135.

(3) Except as provided for in sections 60-4,157 and 60-4,158, all commercial driver's license examinations shall be conducted by department personnel designated by the director. Each successful applicant shall be issued a certificate or receipt entitling the applicant to secure a commercial driver's license. If department personnel refuse to issue such certificate or receipt, he or she shall state such cause in writing and deliver the same to the applicant. Department personnel shall not be required to hold a commercial driver's license to administer a driving skills examination and occupy the seat beside an applicant for a commercial driver's license.

(4) The successful applicant shall, within ten days after renewal or within twenty-four hours after initial issuance, pay the fee and surcharge as provided in section 60-4,115. A receipt with driving privileges which is valid for up to thirty days shall be issued. The commercial driver's license shall be delivered to the applicant as provided in section 60-4,113.

(5) In lieu of proceeding under subsection (4) of this section, the successful applicant may pay the fee and surcharge as provided in section 60-4,115 and electronically submit an application prescribed by the department in a manner prescribed by the department pursuant to section 60-4,148.01.