Nebraska Revised Statute 60-4,123

Chapter 60


LPD-learner's permit; application; issuance; operation restrictions.

(1) Any person who is at least fifteen years of age may apply for an LPD-learner's permit from the department. In order to obtain an LPD-learner's permit, the applicant shall successfully complete a written examination. A person may take the written examination beginning sixty days prior to his or her fifteenth birthday but shall not be issued a permit until he or she is fifteen years of age. The written examination may be waived for any person who has been issued an LPE-learner's permit, LPD-learner's permit, or SCP-school permit that has been expired for no more than one year.

(2) Upon successful completion of the written examination and the payment of a fee and surcharge as prescribed in section 60-4,115, the applicant shall be issued an LPD-learner's permit as provided in section 60-4,113. The permit shall be valid for twelve months.

(3)(a) The holder of an LPD-learner's permit shall only operate a motor vehicle on the highways of this state if he or she is accompanied at all times by a licensed operator who is at least twenty-one years of age and who has been licensed by this state or another state and if (i) for all motor vehicles other than autocycles, motorcycles, or mopeds, he or she is actually occupying the seat beside the licensed operator, (ii) in the case of an autocycle, he or she is actually occupying the seat beside or in front of the licensed operator, or (iii) in the case of a motorcycle, other than an autocycle, or a moped, he or she is within visual contact of and under the supervision of, in the case of a motorcycle, a licensed motorcycle operator or, in the case of a moped, a licensed motor vehicle operator.

(b) The holder of an LPD-learner's permit shall not use any type of interactive wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle on the highways of this state. Enforcement of this subdivision shall be accomplished only as a secondary action when the holder of the LPD-learner's permit has been cited or charged with a violation of some other law.

(4) Department personnel or the county treasurer shall collect the fee and surcharge prescribed in section 60-4,115 for the issuance of each LPD-learner's permit.