60-4,114. County treasurer; personnel; examination of applicant; denial or refusal of certificate; appeal; medical opinion.

(1) The county treasurer may employ such additional clerical help as may be necessary to assist him or her in the performance of the ministerial duties required of him or her under the Motor Vehicle Operator's License Act and, for such additional expense, shall be reimbursed as set out in section 60-4,115.

(2) The director may, in his or her discretion, appoint department personnel to examine any applicant who applies for an initial license or whose license has been revoked or canceled to ascertain such person's ability to operate a motor vehicle properly and safely. Beginning on an implementation date designated by the director on or before January 1, 2022, the director may, in addition to appointing department personnel, appoint driver safety course instructors to examine any applicant who applies for an initial Class O operator's license or whose Class O operator's license has been revoked or canceled to ascertain such person's ability to operate a motor vehicle properly and safely.

(3) Except as otherwise provided in section 60-4,122, the application process, in addition to the other requisites of the act, shall include the following:

(a) An inquiry into the medical condition and visual ability of the applicant to operate a motor vehicle;

(b) An inquiry into the applicant's ability to drive and maneuver a motor vehicle, except that no driving skills test shall be conducted using an autocycle; and

(c) An inquiry touching upon the applicant's knowledge of the motor vehicle laws of this state, which shall include sufficient questions to indicate familiarity with the provisions thereof. Such knowledge inquiry may be performed remotely if proctored by an agent approved by the director.

(4) If an applicant is denied or refused a certificate for license or a license is canceled, such applicant or licensee shall have the right to an immediate appeal to the director from the decision. It shall be the duty of the director to review the appeal and issue a final order, to be made not later than ten days after the receipt of the appeal by the director. The director shall issue a final order not later than ten days following receipt of the medical opinion if the applicant or licensee submits reports from a physician of his or her choice for the director's consideration as provided in section 60-4,118.03. The applicant or licensee who files an appeal pursuant to this section shall notify the director in writing if he or she intends to submit records or reports for consideration. Such notice must be received by the director not later than ten days after an appeal is filed pursuant to this section to stay the director's decision until after the consideration of such records or reports as provided in section 60-4,118.03. After consideration of evidence in the records of the applicant or licensee, including any records submitted by the applicant or licensee, the director shall make a determination of the physical or mental ability of the applicant or licensee to operate a motor vehicle and shall issue a final order. The order shall be in writing, shall be accompanied by findings of fact and conclusions of law, and shall be sent by regular United States mail to the last-known address of the applicant or licensee. The order may be appealed as provided in section 60-4,105.

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