60-325. Farm truck, defined.

Farm truck means a truck or sport utility vehicle, including any combination of a truck, truck-tractor, or sport utility vehicle, and a trailer or semitrailer, of a farmer or rancher (1) used exclusively to carry a farmer's or rancher's own supplies, farm equipment, and household goods to or from the owner's farm or ranch, (2) used by the farmer or rancher to carry his or her own agricultural products to or from storage or market, (3) used by a farmer or rancher in exchange of services in such hauling of supplies or agricultural products, or (4) used occasionally to carry camper units, to tow boats or cabin trailers, or to carry or tow museum pieces or historical vehicles, without compensation, to events for public display or educational purposes.

Source:Laws 2005, LB 274, § 25; Laws 2007, LB286, § 24.