60-3,188. Motor vehicle tax; valuation of vehicles; department; duties.

(1) The department shall determine motor vehicle manufacturers' suggested retail prices, gross vehicle weight ratings, and vehicle identification numbers using appropriate commercially available electronic information on a system designated by the department.

(2) For purposes of section 60-3,187, the department shall determine the value when new of automobiles and determine the gross vehicle weight ratings of motor vehicles over seven tons. The department shall make a determination for such makes and models of automobiles and motor vehicles already manufactured or being manufactured and shall, as new makes and models of such automobiles and motor vehicles become available to Nebraska residents, continue to make such determinations. The value when new is the manufacturer's suggested retail price for such new automobile or motor vehicle of that year using the manufacturer's body type and model with standard equipment and not including transportation or delivery cost.

(3) Any person or taxing official may, within ten days after a determination has been certified by the department, file objections in writing with the department stating why the determination is incorrect.

(4) Any affected person may file an objection to the determination of the department not more than fifteen days before and not later than thirty days after the registration date. The objection must be filed in writing with the department and state why the determination is incorrect.

(5) Upon the filing of objections the department shall fix a time for a hearing. Any party may introduce evidence in reference to the objections, and the department shall act upon the objections and make a written order, mailed to the objector within seven days after the order. The final decision by the department may be appealed. The appeal shall be to the Tax Equalization and Review Commission in accordance with the Tax Equalization and Review Commission Act within thirty days after the written order. In an appeal, the department's determination of the manufacturer's suggested retail price shall be presumed to be correct and the party challenging the determination shall bear the burden of proving it incorrect.

Source:Laws 2005, LB 274, § 188; Laws 2007, LB286, § 54.

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