60-3,131. Historical vehicles; use.

(1) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (2) of this section, historical vehicles may be used for hobby pursuits but shall not be used for the same purposes and under the same conditions as other motor vehicles or trailers of the same type, and under ordinary circumstances, such historical vehicles shall not be used to transport passengers for hire. Any such historical vehicle shall not be used for business or occupation or regularly for transportation to and from work, and may be driven on the public streets and roads only for servicing, test drives, public displays, parades, and related pleasure or hobby activities.

(2) For special events that are sponsored or in which participation is by organized clubs such historical vehicles may:

(a) Transport passengers for hire only if any money received is to be used for club activities or to be donated to a charitable nonprofit organization; and

(b) Haul other vehicles to and from such special event.

Source:Laws 2005, LB 274, § 131; Laws 2006, LB 815, § 1.