60-3,130.04. Historical vehicle; model-year license plates; authorized.

(1) An owner of a historical vehicle eligible for registration under section 60-3,130 may use a license plate or plates designed by this state in the year corresponding to the model year when the vehicle was manufactured in lieu of the plates designed pursuant to section 60-3,130.03 subject to the approval of the department. The department shall inspect the plate or plates and may approve the plate or plates if it is determined that the model-year license plate or plates are legible and serviceable and that the license plate numbers do not conflict with or duplicate other numbers assigned and in use. An original-issued license plate or plates that have been restored to original condition may be used when approved by the department.

(2) The department may consult with a recognized car club in determining whether the year of the license plate or plates to be used corresponds to the model year when the vehicle was manufactured.

(3) If only one license plate is used on the vehicle, the license plate shall be placed on the rear of the vehicle. The owner of a historical vehicle may use only one plate on the vehicle even for years in which two license plates were issued for vehicles in general.

(4) License plates used pursuant to this section corresponding to the year of manufacture of the vehicle shall not be personalized message license plates, Pearl Harbor license plates, prisoner-of-war license plates, disabled veteran license plates, Purple Heart license plates, amateur radio station license plates, Nebraska Cornhusker Spirit Plates, Nebraska History Plates, handicapped or disabled person license plates, specialty license plates, special interest motor vehicle license plates, Military Honor Plates, Nebraska 150 Sesquicentennial Plates, Breast Cancer Awareness Plates, Prostate Cancer Awareness Plates, Mountain Lion Conservation Plates, Choose Life License Plates, Donate Life Plates, Down Syndrome Awareness Plates, Native American Cultural Awareness and History Plates, Sammy's Superheroes license plates for childhood cancer awareness, Wildlife Conservation Plates, Pets for Vets Plates, Support the Arts Plates, Support Our Troops Plates, The Good Life Is Outside Plates, or Josh the Otter-Be Safe Around Water Plates.

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