60-3,130. Historical license plates; conditions.

(1) Except as provided in section 60-3,134, a person presenting a certificate of title issued pursuant to section 60-142.01 or 60-142.02 or a certificate of title indicating that the vehicle is thirty or more years old may apply for historical license plates or may use license plates of the year of manufacture in lieu of regular license plates as provided in sections 60-3,130 to 60-3,134.

(2) Each collector applying for such license plates, other than a nonprofit organization described in sections 21-608 and 21-609, must own and have registered one or more motor vehicles with regular license plates which he or she uses for regular transportation.

(3) A motor vehicle or trailer manufactured, assembled from a kit, or otherwise assembled as a reproduction or facsimile of a historical vehicle shall not be eligible for historical license plates unless it has been in existence for thirty years or more. The age of the motor vehicle or trailer shall be calculated from the year reflected on the certificate of title.

Source:Laws 2005, LB 274, § 130; Laws 2006, LB 663, § 24.