60-3,122.01. Gold Star Family plates; design requirements.

(1) The department shall design license plates to be known as Gold Star Family plates. The department shall create designs reflecting support for those who died while serving in good standing in the United States Armed Forces in consultation with the Department of Veterans' Affairs and the Military Department. The Department of Veterans' Affairs shall recommend the design of the plate to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The design shall be selected on the basis of limiting the manufacturing cost of each plate to an amount less than or equal to the amount charged for license plates pursuant to section 60-3,102. The department shall make applications available for this type of plate when it is designed. The department may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to carry out this section and section 60-3,122.02.

(2) One type of Gold Star Family plate shall be consecutively numbered plates. The department shall:

(a) Number the plates consecutively beginning with the number one, using numerals the size of which maximizes legibility and limiting the numerals to five characters or less; and

(b) Not use a county designation or any characters other than numbers on the plates.

(3) One type of Gold Star Family plate shall be personalized message plates. Such plates shall be issued subject to the same conditions specified for personalized message license plates in section 60-3,118, except that a maximum of five characters may be used.

Source:Laws 2007, LB570, ยง 2.