Nebraska Revised Statute 60-3,113

Chapter 60


Handicapped or disabled person; plates; department; compile and maintain registry.

(1) The department shall, without the payment of any fee except the taxes and fees required by sections 60-3,102, 60-3,185, 60-3,190, and 60-3,191, issue license plates for one motor vehicle not used for hire and a license plate for one autocycle or motorcycle not used for hire to:

(a) Any permanently handicapped or disabled person or his or her parent, legal guardian, foster parent, or agent upon application and proof of a permanent handicap or disability; or

(b) A trust which owns the motor vehicle, autocycle, or motorcycle if a designated beneficiary of the trust qualifies under subdivision (a) of this subsection.

An application and proof of disability in the form and with the information required by section 60-3,113.02 shall be submitted before license plates are issued or reissued.

(2) The license plate or plates shall carry the internationally accepted wheelchair symbol, which symbol is a representation of a person seated in a wheelchair surrounded by a border six units wide by seven units high, and such other letters or numbers as the director prescribes. Such license plate or plates shall be used by such person in lieu of the usual license plate or plates.

(3) The department shall compile and maintain a registry of the names, addresses, and license numbers of all persons who obtain special license plates pursuant to this section and all persons who obtain a handicapped or disabled parking permit.